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Concentrated sip bottle (volume 1 liter)



SYBE is suitable for all different forms of cleaning, and the most important areas of combat are mentioned below

  • Metal: callous, carpet, car upholstery,skins
  • floor:clothes,Fabrics eggs,placematsof all kinds:- white- colored
  • washing brushes:aluminum, iron ,copper,Steel,Chrome
  • wood and glass:parque,twooden, luggagedoors, mirrorswindows ,Crystal
  • kitchen:marbleGas and oven hood With ice water Spray the solution insideCommunities

Sipe for daily use.
Ways to use SIP:
• The method of use and the quantity required varies
With different surfaces.
• Sipe is used on the area to be cleaned
By rubbing it or wiping it with the tool.



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