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The chair comes with a mains charger, which plugs straight into the joystick and charges both batteries equally, and the chair as a whole unit. It also comes with a battery adaptor extension lead which then charges directly into the batteries themselves for off-the-chair charging.



The first carbon fiber foldable electric wheelchair to be launched in the UK market, it is also the world’s lightest daily foldable electric wheelchair. Carbon fiber is the latest and greatest in material technology with two main properties; It’s very light and incredibly strong too. This makes carbon fiber very attractive when used to manufacture products such as bicycles or wheelchairs. With this in mind, our newest electric wheelchair only weighs 17kg (batteries included) 19.5kg (including batteries) but can also take a user weight of 110kg (19 stone) which is incredible when you think about it .

The features

  • The world’s lightest folding electric wheelchair
  • The world’s first carbon fibre folding electric wheelchair
  • 17kg without batteries, 19.5kg with batteries. (Light enough for your partner to lift)
  • 2 x 6ah quick release batteries (no cables) Air travel safe, accepted widely on every airline worldwide
  • 50cm space between the armrest meaning it will suit a larger individual
  • Strong brushless motors, puncture proof tyres and good ground clearance

  More details 

  • Wheelchair Battery Life

This chair comes with two very powerful 6ah batteries which are stored in a racking system under the chair. These batteries are not only quick release but also fully wireless making removing them a 1 second job. The lifespan of the batteries will typically last for roughly 4 years or 1000 charges and boasts a range of 16 miles per charge. Charging takes only 5-6 hours, and you can charge these batteries either through the joystick or directly into the batteries themselves meaning they can be charged in your home whilst the chair is left in your car for example.
  • Practical Information

Its dimensions are as follows: Folded: 610mm x 380mm x 750mm Unfolded: 950mm x 610mm x 925mm. It has a seat width of 42mm and a 50cm space between the armrests meaning it can suit a larger individual as well. This chair is also ideal for those on the go that travel as it folds up in less than 2 seconds and can easily fit in even the smallest of car boots. Another practical feature is that the arms on this chair fold all the way up and back completely out of the way. This makes getting in the wheelchair from the side a piece of cake and means it can easily be manoeuvred all the way under a table for eating, drinking or working.
  • Who is This Wheelchair Suitable For?

To be honest, this is one of the only chairs out there that can really suit almost anyone. It’s probably easier to say who it wouldn’t suit, and that would be anyone who is tiny in stature – so, very small and thin so around 8 Stone etc or rather weighty people (who might want to go for a heavier chair with larger rear wheels). This is because although it’s not a wide chair, a tiny person might want less space between the armrests. This chair is ideal for partners or friends who go on days out with their disabled spouse, as it means they can lift the chair in and out of the car themselves without the use of ramps or a hoist. The LITH-TECH Carbon Edition is also a great all-rounder in regards to managing different terrain types as well as having good ground clearance. This model doesn’t have the anti-tip wheels at the back, which typically reduce clearance when taking potholes or curbs.

Product Specifications

Material:Carbon Fibre
Folded Size:610mm x 380mm x 750mm
Open Size:950mm x 610mm x 925mm
Maximum Load:110kg
Product Weight (Exc. Batteries):17kg
Product Weight (Inc. Batteries):19.5kg
Riding Requirements
Age Range:10 – 90 years old
Road Legal:Pavement
Main Parameters
Maximum Speed:0.5-4MPH (can be modified if required)
Battery Endurance:16 miles
Maximum Hill Climb:14 degrees
Suitable Terrain:Multi-terrain but prefers hard ground
Waterproof:Can withstand light rain. Must cover the joystick
Motor Parameter
Power (w)180W x 2 Brushless Motors
2 batteries in wheelchair arm:24v 6AH x 2 piece
Charge Time (fully charged from flat):6-8 hours
Front Tyre:7-inch PU solid tyre
Rear Tyre:8-inch Rubber solid tyre
Puncture Proof Tyres:Yes
Seat Width:42cm
Seat Depth:40cm
Seat Height:49cm
Space Between Armrests:50cm
Warranty Included:12-month Warranty from date of purchase

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